Monday, 16 January 2017

Game of Thrones season 6

Episode one starts with Theon and Sansa running away from the Winterfell and Bolton’s soldiers. Daenerys discloses her identity Khal Moro while Jorah and Daario follow the search for her.
For the second episode entitled home, Bran is trained under the direction of the three-eyed raven and Ramsay comes up with a new plan. As Tyrion must acquire skills to get good news, Thorne has already won the support of the night’s watch

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Watch Game of Thrones season 6 online free to get the full amazing episodes of this TV series. Each episode scores its own number of viewers higher than the previous just because they are worth it.
Snow’s coming back to life is what many had hoped for but there is a lot to be asked about whether he will remain the same old Jon Snow or we should expect a dangerous Jon.
Bran’s circle also has a lot to show the viewers and actually really interesting. With the cast and their own storyline, there is no stone to remain the same in this season of the game of the thrones. Don’t miss is since you know the beginning and you have to know where it all goes.

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